• Niamh O Brien

How does Green Marketing work?

Many individuals don’t realise that green marketing has been around for decades. It’s due to a recent surge in the public awareness of environmental issues that this term has reemerged.

When imagining a green consumer, you may picture an individual who uses a bicycle as their main form of transport, surrounded by sheep and owning only one pair of trousers! However, today’s green consumer is quite versatile! Spanning a myriad of ages, geographics, racial and income groups, today's consumer prioritises green products, making it crucial to align your green marketing efforts with their ideals.

As green consumers grow in both awareness and number, it should be a priority to have your green marketing strategy in place as soon as possible. Understanding the “green” market will be one of the best investments a business will make in the coming years, as it will no longer be a “nice to have” but a “must”.

Why should your business engage in green marketing?

  • You will attract new customer segments - 78% of consumers make the conscious decision to purchase environmentally friendly products.

  • Customers often consider green products to be of superior-quality, helping you to recover the initial costs of going green and increase perceived value.

  • Your business will gain a competitive advantage as you are seen as an innovator.

  • It will increase brand visibility leading to a higher brand recall.

  • The government provides funding opportunities that may help the initial expenses incurred.

In reality, the list goes on and on. Have any questions? We would be happy to discuss your current practices and help you design a Green Marketing Strategy for your business going forward. Get in touch!

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