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Instagram Reels | The New Normal

Change. “There is nothing permanent except change.”

The rate at which digital trends arrive can be exhausting. You can be forgiven for thinking ‘this trend will go as quickly as it came in’. There are some trends, however, that simply cannot be ignored and if you act fast, you can reap the rewards of being an Early Adopter. The trend we are referring to is short form video and more specifically, Instagram Reels.

The question becomes, where does your business fall in terms of consumer adoption? Are you an Innovator, Early Adopter, Early Majority, Late Majority or a Laggard?

Harnessing algorithms can really be the thing that sets your business apart. As Facebook (who also own Instagram), YouTube and TikTok all fight to keep your attention, it means they will try to get one up on each other by offering more views for a particular type of content. We must remember that for each of these platforms, their main aim is to keep users on their platform for as long as possible.

Instagram’s latest upgrade has undoubtedly left some Reeling (ok, that’s shameful!). Reels is Instagrams response to TikTok as it aims to neutralise the growth of the popular video-sharing network.

Instagram Reels gives users a suite of tools to cut and edit 3 to 30second videos with text, music, stickers and other special effects. The update also includes a dedicated path to sharing and exploring the short clips. The Reels feed can be accessed from the Explore page where you can scroll for days!

We are at a point in marketing where social media is a no-brainer for business. So, why does Reels matter? Is it just another trend that will dissolve in a matter of months?

Instagram Reels is using a tried and tested formula to attract and engage Instagram users. It’s no secret that Instagram is under threat from TikTok for Gen Z’s attention, with over 800million users worldwide. Because Reels is a new feature, the algorithm is favouring accounts that are regularly publishing and engaging with Reels. Now is the time to jump on the opportunity and use these short videos to reach big audiences.

Although features and updates change rapidly, we suggest brands look at the big picture; this type of content is here to stay. Now is the time to jump on this feature and start to engage. It will feel uncomfortable at first but we suggest you ‘Just Do It’ and remember that done is better than perfect.

Whatever your brand or business, there is a creative opportunity waiting for you. So, are you going to be an innovator, early adopter, early majority, late majority, or a laggard?



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