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What is Green Marketing?

Green marketing is the marketing of products and services that are environmentally friendly. It is becoming more popular as more and more people are concerned with environmental issues and are spending money in ways that are kinder to the planet.

Green marketing relates to creating an eco-friendly product, using eco-friendly packaging, adopting sustainable business practices, or focusing marketing efforts on messages that communicate a product’s green benefits.

As human beings, we strive to be part of a community, it’s simply how we have evolved. The way to be part of a community is to have things in common with your community, share in the things that excite you and bond over things you hate. When change occurs, it’s a slow process. Met with total objection to begin with, change takes hold, little by little. Within communities, we see change then becoming trendy and the next ‘big thing’!

Why does this matter?

The sustainable movement is (thankfully) gathering significant momentum. With this move toward sustainability, consumers are investing their money in brands that are showcasing their sustainable efforts. This is true for many industries from pet food to fashion to homeware and everything in between.

Green Marketing Methods

Business owners can do other things, apart from making an environmentally friendly product, as part of a green marketing strategy:

  • Use eco-friendly paper & ink (or totally skip the printing!)

  • It may sound obvious but having a responsible waste disposal practice

  • Use eco-friendly packaging

  • Efficient packing & shipping methods

  • Eco-friendly power sources

  • Taking steps to offset environmental impact

In truth, there are many ways that you can implement greener efficiencies to your business. We are happy to help consult on your current practices and help you design a Green Marketing Strategy!



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